Reet Aus PhD started working as a fashion designer in 1997 and since 2002 all her collections have followed the principles of upcycling. Her doctoral thesis (Trash to Trend -Using Upcycling in Fashion Design) opens the possibilities of implementing upcycling inthe fashion industry and mass production. According to her conclusion, it would be possible to make 15 percent more clothes using the scraps of fabric thrown away.

Since 2012 Reet Aus has been developing upcycling collection together with Beximco – one of the biggest apparel manufacturer in Bangladesh. The collections have been made by implementing upcycling in early stages of the mass production process. This has improved effectivenes and reduced environmental impacts – each item produced in this way uses on average 70% less water and 88% less energy compared to regular products. Production line performing the upcycling method was UPMADE® certified in December 2014.