Piret Ilves is a Nordic designer brand offering cool and modern classics. Minimalism, edge colour palette and interesting silhouettes are part of a signature style designed to be fun, feminine and chic. Collections are developed and produced in the company’s in‐house atelier with high demands for quality and design. Brand values high quality natural fabrics, traditional craftsmanship and tailoring traditions. Combining natural silks, wools, cottons etc with ageless style is a matter of sustainability and health.
Piret Ilves is has gained BA degree in fashion design in 2007. Since 2010 she is the owner and creative director of her own brand. Piret Ilves has strong sense of style and pure esthetics. Piret Ilves was the nominee of the Small Golden Needle in 2012 and the winner of the most prestigious Estonian Fashion Award Golden Needle in 2015.