Established in 2010, Oksana Tandit offers a range of women’s business formal attire, special occasion and evening wear and demonstrates an uncompromising attitude to design and creativity. The Oksana Tandit style can be described as an endless dialogue between the Slavic temperament and Scandinavian pragmatism- luxurious fabrics, clear silhouettes, classic but very modern bold designs for women with a unique sense of style and personality. The brand develops the ‘affordable luxury’ concept with a strong fashion look at a more accessible price. Oksana Tandit is adored for its signature pieces including statement jumpsuits, tuxedos and Le Smoking dresses. Oksana explains, “I love the idea of a woman in a tuxedo suit, I create for powerful women!”

“Today people all over the world need a unique, different vision of beauty! I am fascinated by the richness of the interpretations diversity- this is what exactly creator-driven brands can offer!

Oksana Tandit, Ceo & Creative Director at Oksana Tandit