More than a decade ago, a group of biochemists and scientists led by Ruth Oltjer, M.D., who specialized in internal medicine, began to search for skincare products that respect skin’s natural defence system and are based on natural ingredients. At first, creams for hospital use were developed, and after good results were achieved on damaged skin, a full line of products for all skin types was born. It is a sophisticated, different kind of skincare, based on a scientific medical approach and in touch with nature. We use the best and most innovative natural ingredients, in low molecular weights when possible, to ensure deeper penetration and visible results.

“As a doctor and as a woman, I have a strong desire to help others. Skincare, although considered a part of the beauty world, does so much more than make us groomed and confident. With the right product and right use, there is the possibility to change the way our skin behaves and looks.”

Ruth Oltjer, founder of D`DIFFERENCE