Diana Arno is a fashion designer who was born and raised in Estonia. She believes that fashion is a self-expression tool that shares memories from the past, surprises with its newness, refreshes the habitual standards and widens the borders of one’s individuality. A great love for fashion and curiosity for the fashion world made it simple to choose the future speciality. Diana studied business management at EuroUniversity and got her degree in fashion at EuroAcademy. In 2011 she created a fashion brand which she called after her name and that soon won many true fans in Estonia.
DIANA ARNO offers premium quality designer clothes for strong, yet deep in their hearts romantic women who are brave enough to follow their dreams and dress for them. It’s a perfect find for a successful woman in search for a chic day-to-night outfit that would stand out and compliment her figure.
Collections are being designed and produced in Estonia.