Baltman is the fashion brand that Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian men have worn for over 25 years. Since the reinstatement of independence, Baltman is a symbol of fearlessness – as exemplified by the entrepreneurs who became the foundation of the new economy. Baltman’s innovative product development team uses cutting edge fabrics that do not fear wrinkles, long flights, cell phone waves, or pouring rain. Baltman is elegant and stylish, classic yet modern and stays in touch with the current zeitgeist. We use our tailoring heritage and the finest fabrics from renowned producers such as Loro Piana and Dormeuil to offer only the best to our clients. Today Baltman is keeping alive the legacy of the Estonian textile industry, while producing modern suits resulting in 60 years of unique tailoring traditions.

“Baltman´s core concept is Nordic simplicity and functionality in design married with soft and warm elegance of Italian fabrics. Scandinavian meets Mediterranean – you can call it Scanditerranean, if you wish. Our design philosophy is strongly based on protecting these elements, a concept very well understood in Canada, being in same latitude as Estonia.”

Aivar Antonio Lätt, Head Designer of Baltman